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Inspection of Coated Hydrogen Transportation Pipelines


The growing need for hydrogen indicates that there is likely to be a demand for transporting hydrogen. Hydrogen pipelines are an economical option, but the issue of hydrogen damage to pipeline steels needs to be studied and investigated. So far, limited research has been dedicated to determining how the choice of inspection method for pipeline integrity management changes depending on the presence of a coating. Thus, this review aims to evaluate the effectiveness of inspection methods specifically for detecting the defects formed uniquely in coated hydrogen pipelines. The discussion will begin with a background of hydrogen pipelines and the common defects seen in these pipelines. This will also include topics such as blended hydrogen-natural gas pipelines. After which, the focus will shift to pipeline integrity management methods and the effectiveness of current inspection methods in the context of standards such as ASME B31.12 and BS 7910. The discussion will conclude with a summary of newly available inspection methods and future research directions.

Countries: United Kingdom

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