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An Overview of Challenges for the Future of Hydrogen


Hydrogen’s wide availability and versatile production methods establish it as a primary green energy source, driving substantial interest among the public, industry, and governments due to its future fuel potential. Notable investment is directed toward hydrogen research and material innovation for transmission, storage, fuel cells, and sensors. Ensuring safe and dependable hydrogen facilities is paramount, given the challenges in accident control. Addressing material compatibility issues within hydrogen systems remains a critical focus. Challenges, roadmaps, and scenarios steer long-term planning and technology outlooks. Strategic visions align actions and policies, encompassing societal and ecological dimensions. The confluence of hydrogen’s promise with material progress holds the prospect of reshaping our energy landscape sustainably. Forming collective future perspectives to foresee this emerging technology’s potential benefits is valuable. Our review article comprehensively explores the forthcoming challenges in hydrogen technology. We extensively examine the challenges and opportunities associated with hydrogen production, incorporating CO2 capture technology. Furthermore, the interaction of materials and composites with hydrogen, particularly in the context of hydrogen transmission, pipeline, and infrastructure, are discussed to understand the interplay between materials and hydrogen dynamics. Additionally, the exploration extends to the embrittlement phenomena during storage and transmission, coupled with a comprehensive examination of the advancements and hurdles intrinsic to hydrogen fuel cells. Finally, our exploration encompasses addressing hydrogen safety from an industrial perspective. By illuminating these dimensions, our article provides a panoramic view of the evolving hydrogen landscape.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United States

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