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Techno-economic Analysis and Predictive Operation of a Power-to-hydrogen for Renewable Microgrids


To enhance renewable energy (RE) generation and maintain power balance, energy storage systems are of utmost importance. This research introduces a cutting-edge Power-to-Hydrogen (PtH) framework that harnesses hydrogen as a clean and versatile energy storage medium. The primary focus of this study lies in optimizing power flow within a microgrid (G) equipped with RE and energy storage systems, considering various factors, such as RE generation, power demand, battery charge cycles, and operational costs. To achieve the optimal balance between power generation and consumption, a sophisticated mathematical solution is devised. This solution governs the charging and discharging patterns for both battery and electrolyzer, ensuring a harmonious power equilibrium. The use of short-term forecasting further refines the optimization process, adapting the parameters based on anticipated RE sources and load requirements. To fine-tune the power management solution for day-to-day operations, an artificial neural fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)-based shortterm prediction model is employed. The predictive analysis provides confidence intervals for crucial aspects, including power generation, demand, battery charging cycles, and hydrogen generation. This facilitates precise cost estimation across various hydrogen and heat price ranges. the proposed PtH optimization framework offers an efficient approach to balance power generation and consumption in Gs driven by RE sources and energy storage. To validate the proposed approach, numerical simulations are performed based on data from wind and solar farms, load requirements, and cost of energy. The results show that the proposed energy management strategy significantly reduces operational costs and optimizes PtH generation while maintaining power balance within the microgrid (G). The predictive approach helps fine-tune the optimization process, improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The research convincingly demonstrate the economic advantages of adopting hydrogen as an energy storage medium, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Denmark

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