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Literature Review of Hydrogen Energy Systems and Renewable Energy Sources


The role of hydrogen as a clean energy source is a promising but also a contentious issue. The global energy production is currently characterized by an unprecedented shift to renewable energy sources (RES) and their technologies. However, the local and environmental benefits of such RES-based technologies show a wide variety of technological maturity, with a common mismatch to local RES stocks and actual utilization levels of RES exploitation. In this literature review, the collected documents taken from the Scopus database using relevant keywords have been organized in homogeneous clusters, and are accompanied by the registration of the relevant studies in the form of one figure and one table. In the second part of this review, selected representations of typical hydrogen energy system (HES) installations in realistic in-field applications have been developed. Finally, the main concerns, challenges and future prospects of HES against a multi-parametric level of contributing determinants have been critically approached and creatively discussed. In addition, key aspects and considerations of the HES-RES convergence are concluded.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Greece

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