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Management of Hybrid Wind and Photovoltaic System Electrolyzer for Green Hydrogen Production and Storage in the Presence of a Small Fleet of Hydrogen Vehicles— An Economic Assessment


Nowadays, with the need for clean and sustainable energy at its historical peak, new equipment, strategies, and methods have to be developed to reduce environmental pollution. Drastic steps and measures have already been taken on a global scale. Renewable energy sources (RESs) are being installed with a growing rhythm in the power grids. Such installations and operations in power systems must also be economically viable over time to attract more investors, thus creating a cycle where green energy, e.g., green hydrogen production will be both environmentally friendly and economically beneficial. This work presents a management method for assessing wind–solar– hydrogen (H2 ) energy systems. To optimize component sizing and calculate the cost of the produced H2 , the basic procedure of the whole management method includes chronological simulations and economic calculations. The proposed system consists of a wind turbine (WT), a photovoltaic (PV) unit, an electrolyzer, a compressor, a storage tank, a fuel cell (FC), and various power converters. The paper presents a case study of green hydrogen production on Sifnos Island in Greece through RES, together with a scenario where hydrogen vehicle consumption and RES production are higher during the summer months. Hydrogen stations represent H2 demand. The proposed system is connected to the main power grid of the island to cover the load demand if the RES cannot do this. This study also includes a cost analysis due to the high investment costs. The levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and the cost of the produced H2 are calculated, and some future simulations correlated with the main costs of the components of the proposed system are pointed out. The MATLAB language is used for all simulations.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Greece

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