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Research Progress on Corrosion and Hydrogen Embrittlement in Hydrogen-Natural Gas Pipeline Transportation


Hydrogen, clean, efficient and zero-carbon, is seen as a most promising energy source. The use of existing gas pipelines for hydrogenenatural gas transportation is considered to be an effective way to achieve long-distance, large-scale, efficient, and economical hydrogen transportation. However, the pipelines for hydrogenenatural gas transportation contain lots of impurities (e.g., CH4, high-pressure H2, H2S and CO2) and free water, which will inevitably lead to corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. This paper presents a systematic review of research and an outlook for corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement in hydrogenenatural gas pipeline transportation. The results show that gasphase hydrogen charging is suitable for hydrogenenatural gas transportation, but this technique lacks technical standards. By contrast, the liquid-phase hydrogen charging technique is more mature but has large deviation from the engineering reality. In the hydrogenenatural gas transportation pipelines, corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement are synergetic and competitive, but the failure mechanism and change law when corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement coexist remain unclear, which need to be further clarified by experiments. The failure mechanism is believed to be mainly sensitive to three key factors, i.e., the H2S/CO2 partial pressure ratio, the hydrogen blending ratio, and material strength. The increase of the three factors will make the pipeline materials more corrosive and more sensitive to hydrogen embrittlement. The research findings can be used as a reference for research and development of long-distance hydrogenenatural gas transportation technology and will drive the high-quality development of the hydrogenenatural gas blending industry.

Funding source: This project was supported by the key special fund of the National Key Research and Development Program “Hydrogen Energy Technology” for “Research on the mechanism and compatibility of hydrogen permeation and diffusion in medium- and low-pressure pure hydrogen and hydrogen-doped gas pipeline systems” (No. 2021YFB4001601).
Related subjects: Safety

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