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Green Hydrogen as a Clean Energy Resource and Its Applications as an Engine Fuel


The world’s economy heavily depends on the energy resources used by various countries. India is one of the promising developing nations with very low crude reserves actively looking for new renewable energy resources to power its economy. Higher energy consumption and environmental pollution are two big global challenges for our sustainable development. The world is currently facing a dual problem of an energy crisis as well as environmental degradation. So, there is a strong need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved to a great extent by universally adopting clean fuels for all daily life uses, like ethanol or liquified natural gas (LNG), as these burn very clean and do not emit many pollutants. Nowadays, green hydrogen has emerged as a new clean energy source, which is abundantly available and does not pollute much. This article explores the various benefits of green hydrogen with respect to fossil fuels, various techniques of producing it, and its possible use in different sectors such as industry, transport, and aviation, as well as in day-to-day life. Finally, it explores the use of green hydrogen as fuel in automobile engines, its blending with CNG gas, and its benefits in reducing emissions compared to fossil fuels. On combustion, green hydrogen produces only water vapours and is thus a highly clean fuel. Thus, it can potentially help humanity preserve the environment due to its ultra-low emissions and can be a consistent and reliable source of energy for generations to come, thereby ending the clean energy security debate forever.

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