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Renewable Hydrogen Standards, Certifications, and Labels: A State-of-the-art Review from a Sustainability Systems Governance Perspective


A range of existing and newly developed hydrogen standards, certification and labelling (SCL) schemes aim to promote the role of ‘renewable’, ‘clean’ or ‘green’ hydrogen in decarbonising energy transitions. This paper analyses a sample of these SCLs to assess their role in the scaling up of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives. To analyse these hydrogen SCLs, we embellish a novel conceptual framework that brings together Sustainability, Systems Thinking, and Governance (SSG) literatures. The results reveal noteworthy scheme differences in motivation, approach, criteria, and governance; highlighting the complex, interconnected, and dynamic reality within which energy systems are embedded. We consider whether the sustainable utilisation of renewable hydrogen is well-served by the proliferation of SCLs and recommend an SSG-informed approach. An SSG approach will better promote collaboration towards an authoritative, global, multistakeholder, compromise on hydrogen certification that balances economic considerations with social, and environmental dimensions.

Countries: Australia

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