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Towards a Future Hydrogen Supply Chain: A Review of Technologies and Challenges


The overuse of fossil fuels has caused a serious energy crisis and environmental pollution. Due to these challenges, the search for alternative energy sources that can replace fossil fuels is necessary. Hydrogen is a widely acknowledged future energy carrier because of its nonpolluting properties and high energy density. To realize a hydrogen economy in the future, it is essential to construct a comprehensive hydrogen supply chain that can make hydrogen a key energy carrier. This paper reviews the various technologies involved in the hydrogen supply chain, encompassing hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and utilization technologies. Then, the challenges of constructing a hydrogen supply chain are discussed from techno-economic, social, and policy perspectives, and prospects for the future development of a hydrogen supply chain are presented in light of these challenges.

Funding source: This research received funding from the Science and Technology Project of State Grid Corporation of China (research on the theory of electricity and hydrogen collaborative planning for ensuring power supply at multiple time scales, 5400-202356677A-3-3-JC).
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics

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