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The Role of New Energy in Carbon Neutral


Carbon dioxide is an important medium of the global carbon cycle, and has the dual properties of realizing the conversion of organic matter in the ecosystem and causing the greenhouse effect. The fixed or available carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is defined as “gray carbon”, while the carbon dioxide that cannot be fixed or used and remains in the atmosphere is called “black carbon”. Carbon neutral is the consensus of human development, but its implementation still faces many challenges in politics, resources, technology, market, and energy structure, etc. It is proposed that carbon replacement, carbon emission reduction, carbon sequestration, and carbon cycle are the four main approaches to achieve carbon neutral, among which carbon replacement is the backbone. New energy has become the leading role of the third energy conversion and will dominate carbon neutral in the future. Nowadays, solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, nuclear energy and hydrogen energy are the main forces of new energy, helping the power sector to achieve low carbon emissions. “Green hydrogen” is the reserve force of new energy, helping further reduce carbon emissions in industrial and transportation fields. Artificial carbon conversion technology is a bridge connecting new energy and fossil energy, effectively reducing the carbon emissions of fossil energy. It is predicted that the peak value of China’s carbon dioxide emissions will reach 110108 t in 2030. The study predicts that China's carbon emissions will drop to 22108 t, 33108 t and 44108 t, respectively, in 2060 according to three scenarios of high, medium, and low levels. To realize carbon neutral in China, seven implementation suggestions have been put forward to build a new “three small and one large” energy structure in China and promote the realization of China's energy independence strategy.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics

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