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Fueling Tomorrow's Commute: Current Status and Prospects of Public Bus Transit Fleets Powered by Sustainable Hydrogen


Transportation is an economic sector that contributes significantly to global warming due to its high consumption of fossil fuels, and sustainably produced hydrogen is a major contender for an alternative clean energy source. Public transit is vital for environmental sustainability via reducing individual vehicle usage and traffic congestion, and the prospect of powering buses using hydrogen fuel has been extensively studied lately. This paper seeks to comprehensively review the current status of research on hydrogen-powered buses considering triple bottom line sustainability perspectives. A brief technical overview of prospective environmentally benign hydrogen production processes has been presented. Technological, economic, and environmental findings and research trends seen in recent analyses on hydrogen-powered buses have been summarized, along with the status quo of global hydrogen refuelling stations. Identified focal points for future studies include performance enhancements, refuelling infrastructure propagation, and policy formulation. The conclusions derived from this review will benefit the accelerated deployment of hydrogen-fuelled public transit fleets.

Funding source: The authors would like to gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by the Mitacs Accelerate program.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Canada

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