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The Future European Hydrogen Market: Market Design and  Policy Recommendations to Support Market Development and Commodity Trading


A key building block of the European Green Deal is the development of a hydrogen commodity market, which requires a suitable hydrogen market design and the timely introduction of related policy measures. Using exploratory interviews with five expert groups, we contribute to this novel research field by outlining the core market design criteria and proposing suitable regulations for the future European hydrogen market. We identify detailed recommendations along three core market design focus areas: Market development policy measures, infrastructure regulations, as well as hydrogen and certificate trading. Our findings provide an across-industry view of current policy-related key challenges in the hydrogen commodity market development and mitigation approaches. We, therefore, support policymakers within the EU in the ongoing detailing of their regulatory hydrogen and green energy packages. Further, we promote hydrogen market development by assisting current and future industry players in finding a common understanding of the future hydrogen market design.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Germany ; Singapore

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