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Everything About Hydrogen Podcast: Decarbonising the Gas Grid with Cadent


On this weeks episode the team are talking all things hydrogen with Lorna Millington, Future Networks Manager in the Safety and Network Strategy team at Cadent. On the show we discuss the role that Cadent and other gas distribution network operators (GDNOs) are playing in supporting the transition towards a low (and eventually zero) carbon gas grid, through the use of hydrogen. The potential for hydrogen to support decarbonisation of heat through the gas network is one of the most exciting emerging themes for countries that have large existing gas networks and who are looking to repurpose those assets towards national net zero objectives. As a leader on hydrogen into the gas grid projects, Cadent offer a wealth of knowledge around the potential opportunities and considerations for displacing natural gas with hydrogen over time. And given the chance to reduce up to 6 million tonnes of CO2 a year through using more hydrogen in the gas grid, this is a show you won’t want to miss! All this and more on the show!
The podcast can be found on their website

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United States

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