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Everything About Hydrogen Podcast: Using the Law and Regulation to Facilitate Hydrogen Development


Burges Salmon’s energy lawyers are known for ground-breaking work in the energy, power and utilities sector. They understand the opportunities, the technologies and the challenges which the sector presents. Their reputation has been built upon first-of-a-kind projects and deals and an intimate knowledge of energy regulation. Burges Salmon specialists provide expert advice throughout the project/plant life cycle. Over the years this has, in turn, led to investors and funders requesting their services in the knowledge that they understand the key issues technologies face. They have a team of over 80 lawyers who focus on helping developers, investors and funders achieve their aims in the sector. The team has won or been shortlisted for all the key industry awards in energy over the last decade.
The podcast can be found on their website

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United States

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