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OIES Podcast - Hydrogen Storage for a Net-zero Carbon Future


In this podcast, David Ledesma engages in a conversation with Alex Patonia and Rahmat Poudineh on their recent paper focusing on hydrogen storage for a net-zero carbon future. The podcast delves into the various types of hydrogen storage options, highlighting their relative strengths and drawbacks.
In order for a hydrogen economy to be established, several key factors must be addressed, including efficient and decarbonized production, adequate transportation infrastructure, and the deployment of suitable hydrogen storage facilities. However, hydrogen presents unique challenges when it comes to storage and handling. Due to its extremely low volumetric energy density under ambient conditions, hydrogen cannot be efficiently or economically stored without undergoing compression, liquefaction, or conversion into other more manageable substances.
At present, there exist several hydrogen storage solutions at different levels of technology, market, and commercial readiness, each with varying applications depending on specific circumstances.
Additionally, the podcast explores the primary barriers that hinder investment in hydrogen storage, and the essential components of a viable business model that can address the primary risks to which potential hydrogen storage investors are exposed.
The podcast can be found on their website.

Keywords: Storage
Countries: United Kingdom

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