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FCH Programme Review Report 2014


The 2014 Review is the fourth review of the FCH JU project portfolio. The reviews began in 2011, following a recommendation arising from the interim evaluation of the FCH JU which identified the need to ensure that the FCH JU project portfolio as a whole fulfilled the objectives of the Multi-Annual Implementation or Work Plan.

An international team of leading experts in the FCH field undertakes each review based on (1) The achievements of the portfolio against the strategic objectives and content of the FCH JU’s MAIP/MAWP and the AIP/AWPs, as set out for the transportation and energy innovation pillars and the cross-cutting category; (2) The extent to which the portfolio meets the FCH JU’s remit for promoting the horizontal activities of RCS, PNR, safety, life-cycle and socio-economic analysis, education and training, and public awareness; (3) The portfolio’s effectiveness in promoting linkages and co-operation between projects, and between FCH JU-supported projects and those supported by other European instruments, the Member States and internationally. Review panels The 2014 review comprised six panels covering a total of 114 projects. Each panel covered between 10 and 24 projects, as shown in Table 1 below. The objective was to assess projects within each panel as a sub-portfolio (within the FCH JU portfolio) and not as individual projects, although examples of individual projects representing good practice were highlighted.

Funding source: EU
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: European Union

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