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Hydrogen Act Towards the creation of the European Hydrogen Economy


It is time that hydrogen moves from an afterthought to a central pillar of the energy system and its key role in delivering climate neutrality means it merits a dedicated framework. It becomes paramount to allow hydrogen to express its full potential as the other leg of the energy, mobility and industry transitions. The proposed “Hydrogen Act” is not a single piece of legislation, it is intended to be a vision for an umbrella framework aimed at harmonising and integrating all separate hydrogen-related actions and legislations. It focuses on infrastructure and market aspects, describing three phases of development: the kick-start phase, the ramp-up phase and the market-growth phase.

Funding source: European Union Gulf Cooperation Council (EU GCC); Clean Energy Technology Network; Dii Desert Energy and African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP)
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Belgium ; European Union

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Presentation of the Hydrogen Act

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