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Blue Hydrogen


The urgency of reaching net-zero emissions requires a rapid acceleration in the deployment of all emissions reducing technologies. Near-zero emissions hydrogen (clean hydrogen) has the potential to make a significant contribution to emissions reduction in the power generation, transportation, and industrial sectors.
As part of the Circular Carbon Economy: Keystone to Global Sustainability series with the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University SIPA, this report explores the potential contribution of blue hydrogen to climate mitigation.
The report looks at:

  • Cost drivers for renewable hydrogen and hydrogen produced with fossil fuels and CCS;
  • Resource requirements and cost reduction opportunities for clean hydrogen; and
  • Policy recommendations to drive investment in clean hydrogen production.
  • Blue hydrogen is well placed to kickstart the rapid increase in the utilisation of clean hydrogen for climate mitigation purposes but requires strong and sustained policy to incentivise investment at the rate necessary to meet global climate goals.
Read the full report on the Global CSS Institute Website at this link

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Countries: United Kingdom

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