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The Czech Republic's Hydrogen Strategy


The Czech Republic’s Hydrogen Strategy is being developed in the context of the Hydrogen Strategy for a climate neutral Europe, which reflects the European Green Deal objective of climate neutrality by 2050. The objective of the Strategy is thus to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in such a way that the economy shifts smoothly to low-carbon technologies.
This is associated with two strategic goals:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Stimulate the economic growth
To achieve these, four specific goals have been set:
  • Volume of low-carbon hydrogen production
  • Volume of low-carbon hydrogen consumption
  • Infrastructure readiness for hydrogen transport and storage
  • Progress in R&D and production of hydrogen technologies
The Hydrogen Strategy is based on four pillars:
  • Low-carbon hydrogen production
  • Low-carbon hydrogen use
  • Hydrogen transport and storage
  • Hydrogen technologies
These pillars are interlinked – production and consumption must be well-balanced to achieve economic use of the respective technologies, otherwise any imbalance will be offset by imports from abroad. Each of the pillars is linked to exactly one strategic goal.

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Countries: Czech Republic

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