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Road Map to a US Hydrogen Energy: Reducing Emissions and Driving Growth Across the Nation


This US Hydrogen Road Map was created through the collaboration of executives and technical industry experts in hydrogen across a broad range of applications and sectors, who are committed to improving the understanding of hydrogen and how to increase its adoption across many sectors of the economy. For the first time, this coalition of industry leaders has convened to develop a targeted, holistic approach for expanding the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. Due to great variation among national and state policies, infrastructure needs, and community interests, each state and region of the US will likely have its own specific policies and road maps for implementing hydrogen infrastructure. The West Coast, for example, has traditionally had progressive policies on reducing transportation emissions, so it is likely that hydrogen will scale sooner for vehicles in this region, especially California. Experts also acknowledge the role that hydrogen in combination with renewables can play in supplying microgrid-type power to communities with the highest risk of shut-offs during seasonal weather-related issues, such as high temperatures or wildfire-related power interruptions. Some states have emphasized the need to decarbonize the gas grid, so blending hydrogen in natural gas networks and using hydrogen as feedstock may advance more quickly in these regions. Other states are interested in hydrogen as a means to address power grid issues, enable the deployment of renewables, and support competitive nuclear power. The launch of hydrogen technologies in some states or regions will help to scale hydrogen in various applications across the country, laying the foundation for energy security, grid resiliency, economic growth, and the reduction of both greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollutants. This report outlines the benefits and impact of fuel cell technologies and hydrogen as a viable solution to the energy challenges facing the US through 2030 and beyond. As such, it can serve as the latest comprehensive, industry-driven, national road map to accelerate and scale up hydrogen in the economy across North America

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: United States

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