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HyNet North West: Delivering Clean Growth


HyNet North West is a significant clean growth opportunity for the UK. It is a low cost, deliverable project which meets the major challenges of reducing carbon emissions from industry, domestic heat and transport.
HyNet North West is based on the production of hydrogen from natural gas. It includes the development of a new hydrogen pipeline; and the creation of the UK’s first carbon capture, and storage (CCS) infrastructure. CCS is a vital technology to achieve the widespread emissions savings needed to meet the 2050 carbon reduction targets.
Accelerating the development and deployment of hydrogen technologies and CCS through HyNet North West positions the UK strongly for skills export in a global low carbon economy.
The North West is ideally placed to lead HyNet. The region has a history of bold innovation, and today, clean energy initiatives are thriving. On a practical level, the concentration of industry, existing technical skill base and unique geology means the region offers an unparalleled opportunity for a project of this kind.
The new infrastructure built by HyNet is readily extendable beyond the initial project, and provides a replicable model for similar programmes across the UK
Contains Vision statement, 2 leaflets, a presentation and a summary report which are all stored as supplements.

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Countries: United Kingdom

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HyNet North West: Unlocking Net Zero for the UK- Vision Statement (2020)

HyNet North West: Delivering Clean Growth Presentation

Project Timeline Leaflet

HyNet North West: Delivering Clean Growth leaflet

Project Summary (2 page)

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