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Hydrogen Valleys. Insights Into the Emerging Hydrogen Economies Around the World


Clean hydrogen is universally considered an important energy vector in the global efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions to the "well below 2 °C scenario", as agreed by more than 190 states in the 2015 Paris Agreement. Hydrogen Valleys – regional ecosystems that link hydrogen production, transportation, and various end uses such as mobility or industrial feedstock – are important steps towards enabling the development of a new hydrogen economy.

This report has been issued during the setup of the "Mission Innovation Hydrogen Valley Platform"  which was commissioned by the European Union and developed by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. The global information sharing platform to date already features 30+ global Hydrogen Valleys with a cumulative investment volume of more than EUR 30 billion. The projects provide a first-of-its kind look into the global Hydrogen Valley project landscape, its success factors and remaining barriers. This report summarizes the findings and presents identified best practices for successful project development as well as recommendations for policymakers on how to provide a favourable policy environment that paves the way to reach the Hydrogen Valleys' full potential as enablers of the global hydrogen economy.

Funding source: European Union
Countries: European Union

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