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Hydrogen Impact on Gas Engine CHP - Cadent Ltd


The key project objectives include:

  • Understand the range, size, type, mode of operation and control system of installed gas engines in the UK. This will include equipment for CHP and for stand-by power operation.
  • Produce data sets on the impact of hydrogen on gas engine operational performance.
  • Develop knowledge on the impact of hydrogen content on the operation of the gas engine including overall efficiency, changes to emissions profiles, overall system operability.
  • Providing outline guidance on a potential hydrogen limit that should be considered regarding use of natural gas/hydrogen mixed fuels in gas engines.
  • Outlining a high-level view on the reliability and impact on maintenance and replacement regimes if gas engines operate on natural gas/hydrogen mixed fuels for extended time periods.
  • Highlight any existing barriers to use of natural gas and hydrogen blends in gas engine and, through contact with OEMs, develop an understanding of future technology developments that may be needed to enable the use of “high” hydrogen blends.
The main aim is to characterise the impact of using natural gas/hydrogen fuel mixtures on the operation of gas engines used in CHP systems.
The output from this project will also inform the HyDeploy NIC project in relation to potential hydrogen content limits. The project will be presented at the IGEM Gas Quality Working Group (IGEM GQWG).
This report and any attachment is freely available on the ENA Smarter Networks Portal here. IGEM Members can download the report and any attachment directly by clicking on the pdf icon above.

Funding source: Network Innovation Allowance (NIA)
Countries: United Kingdom

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