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Roadmap to Hydrogen in the NTS - National Grid Gas Transmission


DNV GL believes that the National Transmission System (NTS) will be central to the future of decarbonised energy in the UK. The future NTS could transmit natural gas, hydrogen, blends of the two and carbon dioxide. New pipelines will be built however a large cost-saving is available if the existing NTS assets can also be re-purposed. To move towards this future, National Grid Gas Transmission wants to develop a project to trial injection hydrogen into the NTS. This is an opportunity to show that National Grid is part of the solution to achieving Net Zero. The trial will demonstrate to the Government and public that re-purposing the NTS is cost-effective, safe and involves minimal disruption.
This report sets out a roadmap of projects to provide the knowledge needed for the trial. The roadmap was developed by assessing the knowledge required and how much of it already existed. The knowledge already available is summarised in this report, with references to where further details can be found. Gaps in the knowledge are then described. The roadmap consists of projects to conduct work to close the knowledge gaps. The results are summarised in the figures below and in the box to the right.  
This report and any attachment is freely available on the ENA Smarter Networks Portal here. IGEM Members can download the report and any attachment directly by clicking on the pdf icon above.

Funding source: Network Innovation Allowance (NIA)
Countries: United Kingdom

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