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SGN Aberdeen Vision Project: Final Report


The Aberdeen Vision Project could deliver CO2 savings of 1.5MtCO2/y compared with natural gas. A dedicated pipeline from St Fergus to Aberdeen would enable the phased transfer of the Aberdeen regional gas distribution system to 20% then 100% hydrogen.
The study has demonstrated that 2% hydrogen can be injected into the National Transmission System (NTS) at St Fergus and its distribution through the system into the gas distribution network. Due to unique regional attributes, the Aberdeen region could lead the UK in the conversion to largescale clean hydrogen. A 200MW hydrogen generation plant is planned to suit 2% blend into the NTS followed by a build out to supply the Aberdeen gas networks and to enable low cost hydrogen transport applications.
This report and any attachment is freely available on the ENA Smarter Networks Portal here. IGEM Members can download the report and any attachment directly by clicking on the pdf icon above.

Funding source: Network Innovation Allowance (NIA)
Countries: United Kingdom

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