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Flow Loop Test for Hydrogen


National Grid (NG) needs to understand the implications that a hydrogen rich gas mix may have on the existing pipeline network. The primary network consists extensively of X52 steel pipe sections welded together using girth welds. Different welding specifications that have been used in the past 40 years and girth welds with different specifications may behave differently when coming into contact with hydrogen gas.
The aim of the flow loop test programme is to begin to evaluate the durability of pipeline materials in the context of future proofing of gas grid service where the gas mix may include a significant proportion of hydrogen. One specific objective is to investigate the resistance to hydrogen embrittlement of a conventional steel (X52) with commonly used girth welds. The primary concern is that the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement may cause unexpected or early failure mechanisms especially in older pipe sections with less stringent girth weld specifications.
This report and any attachment is freely available on the ENA Smarter Networks Portal here. IGEM Members can download the report and any attachment directly by clicking on the pdf icon above.

Funding source: Network Innovation Allowance (NIA)
Countries: United Kingdom

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