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NewGasMet -  Flow Metering of Renewable Gases (Biogas, Biomethane, Hydrogen, Syngas and Mixtures with Natural Gas): Report on the Impact of Renewable Gases, and Mixtures with Natural Gas, on the Accuracy, Cost and Lifetime of Gas Meters


For the usage of domestic gas meters with combustible gases like hydrogen, natural gas or mixtures of hydrogen and natural gas in public grids the metrological behaviour of the gas meters has to fulfil the requirements described in the Measuring Instrument Directive (MID). The MID requires also that a measuring instrument shall be suitable for the application. The tightness of a meter is required in order to obtain correct results in case of accuracy tests, but also for an application in the grid or for durability tests, to avoid risks such as explosive gas mixtures. Due to the different properties of renewable gases, leak tightness to one gas mixtures does not necessarily imply leak tightness for other gases. Hydrogen molecules are smaller than those in conventional natural gas, which can more easily result in a gas leakage. The EMPIR project NEWGASMET includes, beside metrological investigations, also a durability test with hydrogen. In order to carry out these activities, but also for further hydrogen leakage investigations, for instance the investigation of proper seal materials used in the gas meter installation, a reliable gas tightness test was developed.

Keywords: Metering ; NewGasMet
Countries: Denmark

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