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NewGasMet -  Flow Metering of Renewable Gases (Biogas, Biomethane, Hydrogen, Syngas and Mixtures with Natural Gas): Criteria and Proposals for EMC Tests on Ultrasonic Meters with Non-conventional Gases


The NEWGASMET project has the overall objective to increase knowledge about the accuracy and durability of commercially available gas meters after exposure to renewable gases. This should lead to the improvement of existing meter designs and flow calibration standards. One of the recently released results is a proposal for a set of test gases, to represent the range of non-conventional gases, in the scope of the revision of the gas meter standards. In details these were proposed to be used in the CEN/TC237 standards and the OIML-R137:2014. During the project meetings, concerns have been raised regarding the applicability of such test gases to EMC tests for static meters. Today such tests are performed in air, but there is a clear agreement that the behaviour of the meter during EMC tests can be influenced by the renewable gas type. At least, this agreement exists for the ultrasonic measurement technology, while further discussion might be needed for the mass flow. However, it is not simply possible to redesign the current EMC tests by replacing air with the defined gas mixtures, as this would be quite impractical, especially considering the explosive nature of the test gases.

Keywords: Metering ; NewGasMet
Countries: Denmark

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