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NewGasMet -  Flow Metering of Renewable Gases (Biogas, Biomethane, Hydrogen, Syngas and Mixtures with Natural Gas): Report on the Usable Technologies for Calibrating Gas Meters with Renewable Gases and Currently Available Flow Standards Suitable for Use with Methane, Crude Biogas, Hydrogen and Mixtures of these gases


The main goal stated at the Paris agreement is to limit the global temperature rise well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. Limiting the increase of global average temperature to 1.5 °C is striven since risks and impacts of the climate change would be reduced drastically. To face these challenges, the European Green Deal was invented by the European Commission. The “Green Deal” is a growth strategy which aims to transform the economy of the EU into a resource-efficient, modern and competitive one [1-1, 1-2]. Figure 1: The key elements of the European Green Deal [1-2] In this context, the European Commission proposed that the amount of renewable energy within the EU’s overall energy mix should reach 20 % by 2020 and therefore producing energy by solar and wind plants become even more important. For example the cumulative installed wind farm capacity increased from 117.3 GW in 2013 to a total capacity of 182.163 GW in 2018 within the EU [1-4-1-6]. Due to the fluctuations in energy produced by wind farms, storage of electricity is crucial. One possibility for storage is the production of hydrogen via electrolysis using renewable energy sources like wind farms. The hydrogen is then either directly added to the gas distribution grid or is converted to methane with external CO or CO2 which is then added to the gas distribution grid as a substitute [1-4]. Increasing the knowledge about the impact of renewable gases on available gas meters in terms of accuracy and durability is the main object of the EMPIR NEWGASMET project. Therefore in activity A3.1.1, a literature study was performed to provide information on which technologies can be used to calibrate gas meters when using renewable gases.

Keywords: Metering ; NewGasMet
Countries: Denmark

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