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Trends in Investments, Jobs and Turnover in the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Sector


The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) commissioned this report to a con­sultancy to get a better understanding of the past and future evolution of the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen (FC&H) sector, and the role that public support has in that evolution.
The results of this report are based on three data sources:

  • Survey results: A survey was sent out to 458 companies that are liaised to the FCH JU. 154 people responded. (see list in annex)
  • Desk research: A wide range of industry reports was consulted to supplement and cross check the results of the survey. However, given the still nascent state of the industry, the information gathered with this exercise was limited.
  • Interviews: Key stakeholders in the European FC&H sector were interviewed to get the qualitative story behind the results from the survey and the desk research. These stake­holders varied from fuel cell manufacturers to government officials, from energy compa­nies to automotive OEMs

Funding source: The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking
Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Belgium

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