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A System-Approach to Data can Help Install Trust and Enable a Net Zero Future


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen will be a catalyst to deeply decarbonize the world’s energy system, but not for another 15 years according to DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook. Many aspects, from policy to technology developments, can help to scale these technologies and accelerate the timeline.
In the report A System-Approach to Data can Help Install Trust and Enable a Net Zero Future, DNV considers what role data could play to support the initiation, execution and operation of CCS and hydrogen projects.
The research is based on interviews with representatives from across the UK energy supply chain. It focuses in particular on the emerging carbon and hydrogen industries and the cross sectoral challenges they face. It explores how data can facilitate the flow of the product both with respect to fiscal and technical risk matters.
The report is intended for anyone involved in or has an interest in CCUS or hydrogen projects and in how data eco-systems will support the efficient operation and the transition to net-zero.
DNV produced the report for and in partnership with the ODI, an organization that advocates for the innovative use of open data to affect positive change across the globe.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: United Kingdom

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