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Case Studies towards Green Transition in EU Regions: Smart Specialisation for Transformative Innovation


This report analyses five case study reports in-depth across five EU countries as part of a broader analytical and critical exercise. This analytical work seeks to contribute to the development of new models for regional and local authorities aiming to boost support for Green Transition of their economies through smarter innovation policies, using the smart specialisation (S3) approach. The work covered five regions from across the European Union representing a diversity of approaches to using S3 for Green Transition: the Basque Country in Spain, the Centro region in Portugal, the region of East and North Finland, the region of Western Macedonia in Greece and the region of West Netherlands. The case studies included in this report consists of three sections on (i) Profile of the region and key development challenges; (ii) Innovation strategies and policies for green transition: incorporating societal challenges; (iii) Understanding and monitoring innovationled green transition. Drawing together the different elements presented, the conclusion provides a summary overview of the case and the authors’ opinion on it.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Luxembourg

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