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2022 Hydrogen Supply Capacity and Demand


Purpose: The purpose of the hydrogen supply and demand data stream is to provide an overview of the hydrogen market in Europe and to track industry’s progress in deploying clean hydrogen technologies. Scope: Data about hydrogen production capacity and consumption in EU countries, together with Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and the United Kingdom. Hydrogen production capacity is presented by country and by production technology, whereas the hydrogen consumption data is presented by country and by end-use sector. The analysis undertaken for this report was completed using data reflecting end of 2020. Key Findings: The current hydrogen market (on both the demand and supply side) is dominated by refining and ammonia industries with four countries (DE, NL, PL, ES) responsible for more than half of hydrogen consumption. Hydrogen is overwhelmingly produced by reforming of fossil fuels (mostly natural gas). Clean hydrogen production capacities are currently insignificant with hydrogen produced from natural gas coupled with carbon capture at 0.42% and hydrogen produced from water electrolysis at 0.14% of total production capacity.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Belgium

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