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2021 Standards Report


Purpose: The standards module of the FCHO presents a large number of standards relevant for the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells. The standards are categorized per application, enhancing ease of access and findability. The development of sector-relevant standards facilitate and enhance economies of scale, interoperability, comparability, safety, and many other issues. Scope: This report presents the developments in European and international standards for the year 2020.Standards from the following standards developing organizations are included: CEN, CENELEC, ISO, IEC, OIML. Key Findings: The development of sector relevant standards on an international level continued to grow in 2020; on a European level many standards are still in the process of being drafted. In 2020 12 new standards have been published, mainly on the subject of fuel cell technologies. The recently established committee CEN-CLC JTC 6 (Hydrogen in energy systems) has not published standards yet, but is working on drafting standards on, for example, Guarantees of Origin. Previous Reports The first report was published in September 2020. This report is the 2nd Annual report.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Belgium

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