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2021 Education & Training Report


Purpose: The Training section of the Education and Training module of the FCHO offers a repository of training available in Europe. In addition to the training programmes, Educational materials which are publicly accessible online, are also available to access on the FCHO. Scope: The training courses are displayed by location within a map and users can explore the data by selecting the type of training of interest. Two additional filters on the language and the focus of the training are available to refine the search according to user needs. Users of the online tool can be students, professionals and individuals wishing to learn and be trained on FCH. To complement this mapping, a repository of online resources is accessible on the FCHO. Users may retrieve reliable materials available for self-learning. Key Findings: Master programmes and professional training courses were the most mapped categories. There is a prevalence of training courses offered by Western European countries in the mapping. The majority of the training courses mapped are targeted at technicians, engineers and doctorate. For Bachelor and Master programmes, FCH is more often an element integrated in a programme than its main focus. “Hydrogen Production” and “Hydrogen end-uses: transports” were the most selected focus of courses among the 11 categories proposed. “Regulations, Codes and Standards” was the least selected focus with only one training out of five tackling these aspects. Professional training is more often focusing on end-uses and safety than Master programmes. Master programmes put a strong emphasis on “Basic electrochemistry”, “Hydrogen production”. European projects are the main source for publicly accessible materials to learn on FCH. Most of the materials listed are available in English. “Hydrogen End-Uses” is the focus category the most common in the materials listed.

Related subjects: Policy & Socio-Economics
Countries: Belgium

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