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IGEM/TD/1 Edition 6 Supplement 2 - High Pressure Hydrogen Pipelines


This Supplement gives additional requirements and qualifications for the transmission of Hydrogen, including Natural Gas/Hydrogen blended mixtures (subsequently referred to as NG/H blends), and for the repurposing of Natural Gas (NG) pipelines to Hydrogen service. For the purposes of this document any NG/H blend above 10% MOL is considered to be an equivalence to 100% hydrogen. For blends below 10% MOL there is no evidence to confirm that blends containing up to 10 mol.% hydrogen do not cause material degradation, but it is considered that the risk is low.
This Supplement covers the design, construction, inspection, testing, operation and maintenance of steel pipelines and certain associated installations in Hydrogen service, and the repurposing of NG pipelines to Hydrogen service, at maximum operating pressure (MOP) exceeding 7 bar and not exceeding 137.9 bar.
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Countries: United Kingdom

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Notes on the Development of Hydrogen Supplement to TD1

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