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f HyDeploy Webinar - Unlocking the Deployment of Hydrogen in the Grid


A project overview of HyDeploy project led by Cadent Gas and supported by Northern Gas Networks, Progressive Energy Ltd, Keele University, HSE – Science Division and ITM Power.
First Phase:
HyDeploy at Keele is the first stage of this three stage programme. In November 2019, the UK Health & Safety Executive gave permission to run a live test of blended hydrogen and natural gas on part of the private gas network at Keele University campus in Staffordshire. HyDeploy is the first project in the UK to inject hydrogen into a natural gas network.
Second and Third Phases;
Once the Keele stage has been completed, HyDeploy will move to a larger demonstration on a public network in the North East. After that, HyDeploy will have another large demonstration in the North West.  These are designed to test the blend across a range of networks and customers so that the evidence is representative of the UK as a whole. With HSE approval, and success at Keele, these phases will go ahead in the early 2020s.
The longer term goal:
Once the evidence has been submitted to Government policy makers, we very much expect hydrogen to take its place alongside other forms of zero carbon energy in meeting the needs of the UK population.

Funding source: Network Innovation Competition
Countries: United Kingdom

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