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Dynamic Crush Test on Hydrogen Pressurized Cylinder


It is necessary to investigate cylinder crush behavior for improvement of fuel cell vehicle crash safety. However, there have been few crushing behaviour investigations of high pressurized cylinders subjected to external force. We conducted a compression test of pressurized cylinders impacted by external force. We also investigated the cylinder strength and crushing behaviour of the cylinder. The following results were obtained.

  • The crush force of high pressurized cylinders is different from the direction of external force. The lateral crush force of high pressurized cylinders is larger than the external axial crush force.
  • Tensile stress occurs in the boundary area between the cylinder dome and central portion when the pressurized cylinder is subjected to axial compression force, and the cylinder is destroyed.
  • However, the high pressurized cylinders tested had a high crush force, which exceeded the assumed range of vehicle crash test procedures

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Japan

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