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Prediction of the Lift-off, Blow-out and Blow-off Stability Limits of Pure Hydrogen and Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Mixture Jet Flames


The paper presented experimental studies of the liftoff and blowout stability of pure hydrogen, hydrogen/propane and hydrogen/methane jet flam es using a 2 mm burner. Carbon dioxide and Argon gas were also used in the study for the comparison with hydrocarbon fuel. Comparisons of the stability of H 2/C3H8, H 2/CH4, H 2/Ar and H 2/CO2 flames showed that H 2/C3H8 produced the highest liftoff height and H 2/CH4 required highest liftoff and blowoff velocities. The non-dimensional analysis of liftoff height approach was used to correlate liftoff data of H 2, H2-C3H8, H 2-CO2 , C 3H8 and H2-Ar jet flames tested in the 2 mm burner. The suitability of extending the empirical correlations based on hydrocarbon flames to both hydrogen and hydrogen/ hydrocarbon flames was examined.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: United Kingdom

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