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Adapting Maintenance Facilities for Hydrogen


Transit planners and managers need to be armed with the best information on how to make the transition towards zero emission transit fleets. Although zero emission transit is becoming increasingly necessary, many transit operators are unsure of how to make the transition and how to replace their existing infrastructure, especially when it comes to on site bus maintenance facilities. Upgrading vehicle maintenance facilities to safely accommodate hydrogen can be a deciding factor in whether an operator chooses to adopt this fuel for its fleet. This paper reviews best practices in hydrogen bus maintenance facilities for transit agencies. It includes safety and infrastructure factors transit managers must consider when transitioning to servicing and maintaining fuel cell electric buses. Although local requirements and regulations vary, this paper will help the reader gain insights on what needs to be considered in transitioning a workshop. As with any fuel, hydrogen must be treated with respect and care. Today’s hydrogen fuel cell technologies are mature in their safety features. Fuel cell electric buses are designed and built for safety, and the protocols for safe storage, maintenance and refuelling are well developed and understood.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Denmark

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