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Consequence Assessment of the BBC Hydrogen Refuelling Station, Using The Adrea-Hf Code


Within the framework of the internal project HyQRA of the HYSAFE Network of Excellence (NoE), funded by the European Commission (EC), the participating partners were requested to apply their Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) methodologies on a predefined hypothetical gaseous H2 refuelling station named BBC (Benchmark Base Case). The overall aim of the HyQRA project was to perform an inter-comparison of the various QRA approaches and to identify the knowledge gaps on data and information needed in the QRA steps specifically related to H2. Partners NCSRD and UNIPI collaborated on a common QRA. UNIPI identified the hazards on site, selected the most critical ones, defined the events that could be the primary cause of an accident and provided to NCSRD the scenarios listed in risk order for the evaluation of the consequences. NCSRD performed the quantitative analysis using the ADREA-HF CFD code. The predicted risk assessment parameters (flammable H2 mass and volume time histories and maximum horizontal and vertical distances of the LFL from the source) were provided to UNIPI to analyze the consequences and to evaluate the risk and distances of damage. In total 15 scenarios were simulated. Five of them were H2 releases in confined ventilated spaces (inside the compression and the purification/drying buildings). The remaining 10 scenarios were releases in open/semi-confined spaces (in the storage cabinet, storage bank and refuelling hose of one dispenser). This paper presents the CFD methodology applied for the quantitative analysis of the common UNIPI/NCSRD QRA and discusses the results obtained from the performed calculations.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Greece ; Italy

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Consequence Assessment of the Bbc Hydrogen Refuelling Station, Using The Adrea-Hf Code

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