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A Comparison Exercise on the CFD Detonation Simulation in Large Scale Confined Volumes


The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier is going to widen exponentially in the next years. In order to ensure the public acceptance of the new fuel, not only the environmental impact has to be excellent, but also the risk management of its handling and storage must be improved. As a part of modern risk assessment procedure, CFD modeling of the accident scenario development must provide reliable data on the possible pressure loads resulted from explosion processes. The expected combustion regimes can be ranged from slow flames to deflagration-to-detonation transition and even to detonation. In the last case, the importance of the reliability of simulation results is particularly high since detonation is usually considered as a worst case state of affairs. A set of large-scale detonation experiments performed in Kurchatov Institute at RUT facility was selected as benchmark. RUT has typical industry-relevant characteristic dimensions. The CFD codes possibilities to correctly describe detonation in mixtures with different initial and boundary conditions were surveyed. For the modeling, two detonation tests, HYD05 and HYD09, were chosen; both tests were carried out in uniform hydrogen/air mixtures; first one with concentration of 20.0% vol. and the second one with 25.5% vol. In the present exercise three CFD codes using a number of different models were used to simulate these experiments. A thorough inter-comparison between the CFD results, including codes, models and obtained pressure predictions was carried out and reported. The results of this inter comparison should provide a solid basis for the further code development and detonation models’ validation thus improving CFD predictive capabilities.

Related subjects: Safety

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