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Pressure Limit of Hydrogen Spontaneous Ignition in a T-shaped Channel


This paper describes a large eddy simulation model of hydrogen spontaneous ignition in a T-shaped channel filled with air following an inertial flat burst disk rupture. This is the first time when 3D simulations of the phenomenon are performed and reproduced experimental results by Golub et al. (2010). The eddy dissipation concept with a full hydrogen oxidation in air scheme is applied as a sub-grid scale combustion model to enable use of a comparatively coarse grid to undertake 3D simulations. The renormalization group theory is used for sub-grid scale turbulence modelling. Simulation results are compared against test data on hydrogen release into a T-shaped channel at pressure 1.2–2.9 MPa and helped to explain experimental observations. Transitional phenomena of hydrogen ignition and self-extinction at the lower pressure limit are simulated for a range of storage pressure. It is shown that there is no ignition at storage pressure of 1.35 MPa. Sudden release at pressure 1.65 MPa and 2.43 MPa has a localised spot ignition of a hydrogen-air mixture that quickly self-extinguishes. There is an ignition and development of combustion in a flammable mixture cocoon outside the T-shaped channel only at the highest simulated pressure of 2.9 MPa. Both simulated phenomena, i.e. the initiation of chemical reactions followed by the extinction, and the progressive development of combustion in the T-shape channel and outside, have provided an insight into interpretation of the experimental data. The model can be used as a tool for hydrogen safety engineering in particular for development of innovative pressure relief devices with controlled ignition.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: United Kingdom

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Pressure limit of hydrogen spontaneous ignition in a T-shaped channel

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