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Modelling and Simulation of High-pressure Hydrogen Jets Using H2FC European Cyber-laboratory


The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (H2FC) European research infrastructure cyber-laboratory is a software suite containing ‘modelling’ and ‘engineering’ tools, encompassing a wide range of H2FC processes and systems. One of the core aims of the H2FC Cyber-laboratory has been the creation of a state-of-the-art hydrogen CFD modelling toolbox. This paper describes the implementation and validation of this new CFD modelling toolbox, in conjunction with a selection of the available ‘Safety’ engineering tools, to analyse a high pressure hydrogen release and dispersion scenario. The experimental work used for this validation was undertaken by Shell and the Health and Safety Laboratory (UK). The overall goal of this work is to provide and make readily available a Cyber-laboratory that will be worth maintaining after the end of the H2FC project for the benefit of both the FCH scientific community and industry. This paper therefore highlights how the H2FC Cyber-laboratory, which is offered as an open access platform, can be used to replicate and analyse real-world scenarios, using both numerical engineering tools and through the implementation of CFD modelling techniques.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: United Kingdom

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