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Numerical Simulation of Detonation Failure and Re-initiation in Bifurcated Tubes


A numerical approach is developed to simulate detonation propagation, attenuation, failure and re-initiation in hydrogen–air mixture. The aim is to study the condition under which detonations may fail or re-initiate in bifurcated tubes which is important for risk assessment in industrial accidents. A code is developed to solve compressible, multidimensional, transient, reactive Navier–Stokes equations. An Implicit Large Eddy Simulation approach is used to model the turbulence. The code is developed and tested to ensure both deflagrations (when detonation fails) and detonations are simulated correctly. The code can correctly predict the flame properties as well as detonation dynamic parameters. The detonation propagation predictions in bifurcated tubes are validated against the experimental work of Wang et al. [1,2] and found to be in good agreement with experimental observations.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: United Kingdom

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Numerical simulation of detonation failure and reinitiation in bifurcated tubes

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