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Study of a Post-fire Verification Method for the Activation Status of Hydrogen Cylinder Pressure Relief Devices


To safely remove from its fire accident site a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle equipped with a carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite cylinder for compressed hydrogen (CFRP cylinder) and to safely keep the burnt vehicle in a storage facility, it is necessary to verify whether the thermally-activated pressure relief device (TPRD) of the CFRP cylinder has already been activated, releasing the hydrogen gas from the cylinder. To develop a simple post-fire verification method on TPRD activation, the present study was conducted on the using hydrogen densitometer and Type III and Type IV CFRP cylinders having different linings. As the results, TPRD activation status can be determined by measuring hydrogen concentrations with a catalytic combustion hydrogen densitometer at the cylinder's TPRD gas release port.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Japan

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Study of a post-fire verification method for the activation status of hydrogen cylinder pressure relief devices

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