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Observation of the Hydrogen Dispersion by Using Raman Scattering Measurement and Increase of Measurable Distance


Preparing for the arrival of the hydrogen society, it is necessary to develop suitable sensors to use hydrogen safely. There are many methods to know the hydrogen concentration by using conventional sensors, but it is difficult to know the behavior of hydrogen gas from long distance. This study measured hydrogen dispersion by using Raman scattering light. Generally, some delays occur when using conventional sensors, but there are almost no delays by using the new Raman sensor. In the experiments, 6mm & 1mm diameter holes are used as a spout nozzle to change initial velocities. To ensure the result, a special sheets are used which turns transparent when it detected hydrogen, and visualized the hydrogen behaviour. As a result, the behaviour of the hydrogen gas in the small container was observed. In addition, measurable distance is increased by the improvement of the device.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Japan

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Observation of the hydrogen dispersion by using Raman scattering measurement and increase of measurable distance

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