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Measurement of Hydrogen Mixing Process by High Response Hydrogen Sensor


According to the Global technical regulation on hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles (FCV), fuel cell discharge system at the vehicle exhaust system`s point of discharge, the hydrogen concentration level shall not exceed 4 % average by volume during any moving three-second time interval during normal operation including start-up and shut down [1]. FC stack need to washout by the concentrated hydrogen as the purge gas and how to exhaust gas without exceeding 4 % is the most concerns. Also how to measure hydrogen pulse of millisecond in exhaust is also the rising up issue. In this paper, model of FCV hydrogen discharge system was composed and variety of simple experiments were carried out to control the H2 concentration and release. In the case which the semiconductor sensor with porous material (average size less than quench distance) were applied to check H2 concentration, the short pulse of high concentration of H2 in millisecond was hard to find. In this experiment, the simple exhaust gas model H2/N2 flow was used instead of Air/H2. In the exhaust gas test, experiment was conducted under the atmospheric condition in room temperature with small pressure difference and the fast solenoid valve to create quick hydrogen control. Most of the experiments except the turbulent flow experiments, laminar flow is expected to be dominated when steady state condition is satisfied but the most result discussed here is the measurement of H2 concentration during the start point at the time of discharge within seconds. The results showed when H2 was added to N2 flow, the boundary layer between N2 and H2 contained the high concentration of H2 at the initial wave front and decrease to reach steady state. This H2 pulse is typical in the FCV exhaust gas and topics of this paper.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Japan

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Measurement of hydrogen mixing process by high response hydrogen sensor

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