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Delivering a Safe, Viable Hydrogen Economy in Australia


At Woodside Energy Ltd (Woodside), safety is built into everything we do and progressing hydrogen opportunities is no exception. This paper will present information from the macro level of process safety for hydrogen at a plant level, through to the consumer experience. Examples of the benefits of an integrated process safety approach will be used from Woodside’s experience pioneering the liquefied natural gas industry in Australia.
This paper will underscore the reasons why Australia needs to adopt robust safety standards for hydrogen as quickly as possible, in order to advance the hydrogen economy across all sectors. Focus areas requiring attention during development of standards and potential mechanisms to close will be proposed. Establishing a hydrogen economy in Australia could lower carbon emissions, stabilise power grids, increase renewable energy penetration and create jobs. Developing Australian standards that are fully aligned with international standards will facilitate Australia taking a leading role in the global hydrogen economy.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Australia

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Delivering a safe, viable hydrogen economy in Australia

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