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Hydrogen for Renewable Energy Export: Broadening the Concept of Hydrogen Safety


Recently we have seen hydrogen (re)emerge as an important component of widespread decarbonisation of energy sectors. From an Australian perspective, this brings with it an opportunity to store, transport, and export renewable energy—either as liquefied hydrogen or in a carrier such as ammonia. The growth of the hydrogen industry to now include the power and transport sectors, as well as the notion of hydrogen export, has broadened the range of safety considerations required and seen them extend into the realm of the consumer for the first time.
Hydrogen, as well as ammonia and other carriers such as methanol, are existing industrial chemicals which have established protocols for their handling and use in the chemicals sector. As their use in energy and transport increases, especially in the context of widespread domestic use, their handling and use by inexperienced people in less-controlled environments expands, shifting the risk profiles and management systems required. There is also the potential for novel hydrogen carriers, such as methylcyclohexane/toluene, to reach commercial viability at industrial scale.
This paper will discuss some of these emerging applications of hydrogen and its carriers, and discuss some of the technological innovations under development that may accompany a new energy industry— with some consideration given to their potential risks and the required safety considerations. In addition, we will also provide an overview of global activity in this area and how new standards and regulations would need to be developed for the adaption of these technologies in an Australian context.

Related subjects: Safety
Countries: Australia

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Hydrogen for renewable energy export- broadening the concept of hydrogen safety

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